Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Podcasting on Windows Computers

Successful podcasts have a structure or format that make it engaging and familiar. Following a format also helps you to select and organize the material you will cover in your podcast. Before you record your podcast consider these tips:

- Plan an intro that says who you are and what your podcast is about.

- Plan an intro for each podcast that describes the topics you’ll cover.
- Plan the content of your informative segments.
- Plan a short "outro" to sign off at the end.

Creating a podcast requires some specific equipment. To keep our process as simple as possible we are recording podcasts using a USB Headset Mic directly into Photo Story 3 for Windows.


USB Premium Headset - Logitech

Recording podcast with multiple microphones can be complex, and require expensive equipment to digitize the sound. For single input recording of a vocal track, it is hard to beat the simplicity of the this USB headset that you can order online in the neighborhood of $40.

Photo Story 3 for Windows

Photo Story 3 takes you through the process of podcasting step-by-step beginning with importing pictures and graphics, embedding optional screen captions and visual effects to set the mood for each slide, and the ability to record audio and add background music. When you finish, export your project as a Windows Media Video (WMV) and then post to YouTube or your classroom Blog.

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