Tuesday, October 11, 2011


There are many podcasts already being produced to enhance classroom curriculum and teacher best practice strategies. Podcatching is searching for relevent podcasts and then using a computer program, podcatcher, to automatically download them to your computer.
Great sites for podcatching:

  • Education Podcast Network, EPN-hundreds of subject specific podcasts and professional development podcasts from David Warlick and the Landmark Project.
  • Educate -United Kingdom directory of over 3500 educational podcasts.
  • Podcast.net - searchable directory of multi-topic podcasts from around the world.
  • PodcastBlaster-large podcast directory that features alphabetical browing, category browsing and search.
  • Scholastic's Top 10 Podcasts for Teachers.
  • Yahoo Podcasts - large directory where you can search and listen to podcasts. You need a Yahoo ID to subscribe.
  • Digg Podcasts-a one-stop destination for discovering, Digging, discussing, and sharing the podcasts and podcast episodes that you like.
  • iTunes Education Podcasts- this directory is located in the iTunes store along with thousands of other podcasts. One click subscription with iTunes program.

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